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"The Magic Jones" is comprised of New Orleans natives, Arin Jackson and her sister, Alexis Jones, who are both members of the Grammy Nominated R&b girl group Brownstone. The duo was inspired to create music that both children and parents could enjoy listening to, with the goal of increasing ethnic diversity in lullabies and nursery rhymes.

The sisters life long love of music and arts was not only influenced by their hometown but, even more intimately, in their own home. Reared in a family full of talent, Arin and Alexis formed the singing group, “The Magic Jones”. The Magic Jones, formerly known as Elysian Fieldz has worked with many dynamic artists including Chaka Khan, John Baptiste, Melanie Fiona, and Mary Mary. In 2020, the duo released their first EP, “Adventures of the Music Box”, which premiered at No.8 on the iTunes Children’s Music Charts on its first day of release. The Magic Jones collaborated with other Black Family Music Artists to form “One Tribe Collective”, which received a historic Grammy Nomination for Best Children’s Album (All One Tribe), in 2022.

“As an artist and mother of two young boys, I wanted to expose them to various elements of music as early as possible. During their toddler and pre-kindergarten stages, the options for the music we could enjoy together were somewhat limited which is why we sought to create this collection,” said Jackson, who resides in Atlanta with her husband and two children. “With so many families with young children under quarantine in 2020, it gave us the opportunity to collaborate again on something timely and meaningful,” added Jackson.

As Recording Academy Members and all around creatives, The Magic Jones’
full impact on the entertainment industry has yet to be realized. They continue to take chances and seize the many opportunities their talents lead them to, as they travel the world and soak up the uniqueness of other cultures, much like the one that raised them.

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